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Friday 11 June 2010


Please be aware that there are still instances of burglary being committed when offenders are gaining entry via insecure doors or windows. All these properties do have layers of security in place such as good quality locks, windows and alarm systems but unfortunately opportunist offenders are able to easily bypass these measures by taking advantage of insecure entry points. Although there hasn't been a higher than average level of burglary in the towns there has been a higher than average number of burglaries being committed via insecure doors and windows. It is essential that we continue to push the message of the importance of shutting windows and locking doors, especially in view of the summer months when windows can be left open for prolonged periods.

Yesterday, in Crewe between 19:45 & 20:30, an offender reached through an insecure window to open a larger window and gain entry to the premise. They made a tidy search before removing a lap top and digital camera from the property.

Please follow these simple security measures at all times:
  • Lock doors and windows when you leave your property. Amazingly, officers have found some properties where patio doors are left open whilst the householder is out at work to allow access in and out for the households dogs. Even if you are only going out for a short period it is essential to take the time to do this.
  • When you are in your home lock the doors. People engaging in distraction burglary often gain entry via unlocked back doors whilst the householder is kept talking at their front door. As such ensure your back door is locked prior to answering the front door. It is also easy to be busy upstairs and for someone to nip into the property via an unlocked door and take an item in a matter of seconds totally unnoticed.
  • In view of the above incident, ensure that windows are pulled to in those rooms that you don't have sight of even when you are in. At this time of year people can be busy in the garden etc and an offender can lean in through a window and take an item or use the open window to gain access to the property.
  • Try not to leave valuable items near to windows. This is for two reasons - firstly, if you sit and use an item such as a lap top in front of a window it advertises the fact that you have a lap top to passers by who can glance in from the street. Secondly, if you commonly leave items such as a lap top, handbag, wallet, phone on a table next to the window (for example) out of habit, if you do forget to pull the window to these items become easy pickings for opportunist thieves who can lean in and take the items and be gone in seconds. Get into the habit of putting valuables well away from windows and wherever possible out of clear sight.

Please remember that opportunist thieves can be brazen, they go out with a view to steal an item but don't know from where until an easy opportunity presents itself. This is often in the form of an open window or insecure door. Make life as difficult as possible for a would be burglar by utilising the security you already have in place and following this advice.

It is worth remembering that insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out if they can prove that a property was insecure when a burglary took place.

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