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Wednesday 9 June 2010

Anyone seen the footpath?

The Cheshire council is telling us to get out and about in the countryside and get health with more exercise in the county. So off we go to the Georges playing fields and goto the bottom corner follow the path by the golf coarse and as we go down the bank before we reach the bridge on the right is a lovely walk. Its been a walk for over 30 years that I know of.
But what do we find? Well we cant find anything as the path is a few inchs wide and covered in nettles to sting you. So the walk is impassable as you can see both ends of the walk which takes you up the steps and brings you out by the second bridge.
Tipkinder path is another one were the nettles take over and the paths are not cleared so it cant be walked. I wonder if they have this problem in Macclesfield or is it just poor Crewe were footpaths arnt maintained by the council

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