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Friday 8 January 2010

MP's News Bulletin

Welcome & Happy New Year...

Welcome to this my thirty-fifth electronic news bulletin.

Remember, you can always contact me directly if you have any questions for me.

You can forward the bulletin on to your friends and family, who can sign up themselves by clicking here for my website.

Happy New Year

Edward Timpson
Member of Parliament for Crewe & Nantwich

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Severe Weather Information...

With temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius in some areas, make sure you know how to keep safe and warm during the severe weather. You can also find weather forecasts and travel updates for road, rail and air at

For local information please contact Cheshire East Council on 0300 123 55 00 or visit

For Cheshire Police non-emergencies, calls should be made to 0845 458 0000

Further Health Information can be found at

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I have recently...

* Questioned the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change on how to tackle fuel poverty in Crewe & Nantwich through social assistance with fuel bills
* Met with the No2Parking Charges campaign representatives in Crewe
* Visited local business Car Transplants in Nantwich
* Met with the Headmasters' & Headmistresses' Conference to discuss education provisions
* Met with respresentatives from Quintus regarding Social Housing in Crewe & Nantwich
* Sat on the Children, Schools & Families Select Committee, in Parliament

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Crewe and Nantwich MP Edward Timpson angry at extension of ID card applications

Crewe and Nantwich Chronicle

CREWE and Nantwich MP Edward Timpson has hit out at the Government for extending the ID card scheme to Cheshire this week.

As of Monday, people living in Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside and Cumbria have been able to apply for ID cards.

The cards were made available to people living in Manchester at the end of November.

The introduction of ID cards will see almost 30 separate pieces of personal information – including previous addresses, signature, fingerprints and other biometric details – stored in one place.

Mr Timpson said the potential for another data loss disaster is huge.

He said the Conservatives will scrap the ID cards scheme and use some of the savings to build more prison places, provide more drug rehabilitation for those in custody and create a dedicated border police force.

“This is nothing short of a deception of the people of the North West and of my own constituents in Crewe and Nantwich,” said Mr Timpson.

“We now know the Chancellor of the Exchequer is planning to scrap ID cards, yet the Home Office is still encouraging people to sign up for a card. It’s blatant mis-selling.”

© 2010 Trinity Mirror North West and North Wales Ltd

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Edward Timpson, Tory MP for Crewe and Nantwich, signs pledge to give troops a fair deal

Crewe and Nantwich Chronicle

EDWARD Timpson, the Tory MP for Crewe and Nantwich, has signed up to the Royal British Legion's election manifesto.

The manifesto is a series of pledges designed to make sure our troops get the nation’s support across a range of key areas.

These include fair compensation when they are injured in the line of duty, to make sure guidelines to reduce family separation and breakdown are not breached and that families receive independent legal advice during inquests.

The pledge also seeks support for veterans and their families.

It calls for priority NHS treatment work for veterans with injuries caused by military service and a promise to tackle poverty among older veterans and widows.

Mr Timpson said: “In a constituency like mine that contributes so many young men and women to our armed forces, it’s important we pledge to do our bit for the whole armed forces family beyond the next General Election. That is what I have now done.”

Kevin Shinkwin, the Legion’s head of public affairs, said: “We’re really grateful to Mr Timpson for pledging to do his bit.

“The entire armed forces family needs the support of politicians from all parties and our manifesto outlines practical ways the next Government can help.

“We hope all the parties will give it serious consideration and that every MP and candidate standing at the General Election will pledge to do their bit.”

© 2010 Trinity Mirror North West and North Wales Ltd

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ID cards for Nantwich people blasted by MP Timpson


People in Nantwich will be able to apply for ID cards from January 4, despite plans to scrap the scheme.

Nantwich MP Edward Timpson has criticised the move, claiming the Government is “deceiving” local residents.

ID cards will store about 30 separate pieces of personal information, including name, date of birth, previous addresses, photograph, signature, fingerprints and other biometric details.

The Conservatives, who have vowed to scrap the scheme if they get into power, say the potential for data loss disaster is huge.

Mr Timpson said: “This is nothing short of a deception of the people of the North West, and of my own constituents in Crewe and Nantwich.

“We now know that the Chancellor of the Exchequer is planning to scrap ID cards. Yet the Home Office is still encouraging people to sign up for a card.

“It’s blatant mis-selling.”

© 2009 Nantwichnews

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Gym club's facilities fit for purpose

Crewe Chronicle

CAMM Street Gym Club in Crewe has welcomed local MP Edward Timpson as a special guest for their annual Gala Christmas display.

The club has been in existence over 30 years and currently has over 350 active gymnasts of all abilities, and currently has representative teams both nationally and internationally.

It aims to provide a high standard of coaching at minimal cost through the efforts of volunteers and staff.

The club also coached world champion gymnast Beth Tweddle for the first five years of her career.

After a tour and performance, Mr Timpson gave a short speech thanking the young gymnasts for the show, praising the club for the work it does, and outlining the importance of charitable and voluntary work in Crewe and Nantwich.

He said: “I’ve been really impressed by the display this evening. The club’s got some really talented young people. Hopefully one of them may be the next Beth Tweddle at the Olumpics in London in 2012.

“This evening has emphasised to me once again just how important and dedicated our charitable and voluntary organisations are here in Crewe and Nantwich. This was a spectacular display of all their good work.”

© Trinity Mirror North West & North Wales Limited.

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Boys from Cheshire Academy of Integrated Sport and Arts in Crewe get Parliamentary visit

Crewe Chronicle

TWO youngsters from the nationally renowned Cheshire Academy of Integrated Sport and Arts in Crewe were given the treat of a lifetime when they visited the Houses of Parliament.

Ryan Moore, 11, and Christopher Brown, 14, both from Crewe, were invited to London by Crewe and Nantwich MP Edward TImpson.

Mr Timpson took two hours out of his very busy schedule to show the boys round the historic building, arrange refreshments by the Thames and explain the way Parliament works.

The youngsters, who were accompanied by Jane Whetnall and Kate Shackleton from the Macon Way centre for disabled children, were “incredibly impressed” with the effort made by the local MP on their behalf.

Kate said: “I cannot thank Mr Timpson enough for his valuable time and the effort he put in.

“He was very relaxed with the youngsters and explained things really simply and pitched things exactly at the right level of understanding.

“He was incredibly generous with his time. ”

© Trinity Mirror North West & North Wales Limited.

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Plea for action before a child drowns at frozen former pub basement in Nantwich

Crewe Chronicle

A HOUSING developer has come under fire from community leaders who claim it’s only a matter of time before a child drowns on one of its building sites in Nantwich.

Ploverdale Ltd has not fenced off the former Millfields pub on Blagg Avenue, which it demolished after gaining planning permission to build 14 houses on the site.

And families complain that a large hole, where the pub’s basement used to be, has filled with water which has frozen over.

Cllr Bill McGinnis said: “We now have two ice rinks in Nantwich along with the one at the Residence. It must be at least 4ft deep and children have been throwing stones at the ice.

“It won’t be long before a child is hurt or worse. It’s unacceptable and something must be done now.”

Nantwich town councillors have been in contact with planning chiefs at Cheshire East Council to take action. But when the authority reported the matter to the Health and Safety Executive, the HSE said it was satisfied that the state of the site does not pose a problem.

Now, the HSE says it is down to the council’s environmental health team to deal with it because it is not a building site at present.

Crewe and Nantwich MP Edward Timpson said: “The council cannot enforce further safety measures as the site does not contravene planning regulations.

“They have, however, written and spoken to the site owners, Ploverdale Ltd, but still nothing has been done.

“The HSE have also viewed Blagg Avenue site, but have not requested further action.

“I’m writing to Ploverdale to ask them to be more responsible in their dealings with local communities, and to take action as soon as possible.”

James Stott, of Ploverdale, based in Burland, said building work cannot begin until houses on another of its developments in Damson Drive, Nantwich, are all sold.

He said: “I don’t believe it’s dangerous. There are other water features in the area. It is private land and people should not be going on there anyway.

“The water isn’t very deep and the former pub basement will be used to store ‘grey’ water which is environmentally friendly. If we filled in the hole, we’d have to dig it out again.”

© Trinity Mirror North West & North Wales Limited.

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