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Friday 8 January 2010

Frozen Crewe

Crewe like everywhere else is in the grip of snow and ice. A bit of snow and people go crazy and start doing stupid things. The amount of people you see driving on icy snow on the phone you need full control of the car in these conditions. Then there are the stupid one throwing snowballs at cars which is dangerous for everyone.
The amount of cars going to fast in icy conditions is evident down by the LMR and Derby St were they go racing down only to find themselves coming back as they skid on the ice.
Tuesday night was bad with no gritters out at 8 o'clock at night when the snow came. I went to Sandbach and could only manage 20 mph. It was strange to see 2 Police cars on the Derby Dock smashing up a 6 ft snowman(Police brutality) as it was getting closer to the rd and could have been a danger.

They have now gritted most of West St but many side pavements and roads are lethal as the frost continues.

Down at Tipkinder it looks like a nice winters scene

I spotted the ducks in the snow at the Queens park and this one caught my eye its not our normal duck we get in the park. It looks like some sort of wood duck can anyone tell us what it is and is it rare in the Park?

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