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Thursday 3 September 2009

Kids in Danger

If you follow the park railing round down the dirt track that leads to the golf coarse go towards Morton rd past the golf club and as you come to the bottom of the dip when you see the park lake you go over a bridge(its not clear from the rd it is a bridge). Then on the golf coarse you can walk down easy from the path you will see the bridge. The bridge covers the sluice gates that go under the park to empty the lake. The fence has been cut back as you can see in the picture and there is then a 15 ft drop as you can see in the first picture.

United Utilities were in the area today and I asked them about it but they said its not their responsibility but they were horrified as they said if anyone fell in they would never get out as the walls are to steep and they said even an adult couldn't get out.
As its kids holidays and kids play in the area extremely dangerous. As its the outflow from the park UU suspect its the councils responsibility to make it safe and they say the grill isnt up to standard anyway. If a child falls in they could well die from the fall or be drowned.

This was reported to the Council months ago and nothing has been done it was reported last week as well and still we wait. How much is a childs life worth?

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