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Friday 18 September 2009

Crime News

Please be aware that there have been four sneak in thefts reported in the Crewe area since 13/09/2009.

The majority of these incidents occurred in the hours of darkness from around 22:00 to 02:30 but one incident did occur during daylight hours. In all instances offenders gained entry via unlocked doors. In three of the four incidents a handbag was stolen and in the remaining incident a small quantity of cash was taken. In two of the incidents the offender was spotted by the homeowner before making good their escape.

Please bear in mind that with the nights drawing in that as it gets colder there are less people out and about so levels of natural surveillance is reduced, offering opportunist thieves an opportunity to operate under the cover of darkness with less chance of being spotted. It is important that you lock doors and windows even when you are in your home as it only takes a matter of seconds for someone to sneak in, take an item and be gone and it is often sometime before people notice that their possessions have gone.

The incidents occurred in the following areas of the below wards, but even if you are not a resident in this area, please be aware that these opportunist types of theft can occur in all residential areas:

Alexandra Ward - Neville Street
Alexandra Ward - Wilderhope Close
Maw Green Ward - Lime Tree Avenue (offender male 6ft tall, slim build, approx 25 years old)
St Barnabas Ward - Hulme Street (offender male, approx 5ft 6in tall )

If anyone witnesses any suspicious or out of the ordinary behaviour as always please contact the police directly via 0845 458 0000.

Trading Standards have reported that this is not a hoax scam as is often forwarded around but there have been genuine reports of this happening and they are aware of this. However, at present there are not any reports of this happening in the Cheshire area as far as I am aware.

The scam operates along the following lines:

An individual purporting to be from BT calls a householder with regards to an outstanding bill stating if they don't pay straight away their line will be disconnected. If the householder challenges this claim or becomes suspicious the caller tells the householder to put their phone down and they will prove they are able to disconnect the line. The caller remains on the line so the victim is led to believe they have been cut off. At this time many householders will then provide their confidential financial details.

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