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Tuesday 30 March 2021

Parking Compliants

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Cheshire Constabulary

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Parking Compliants

Recently we have been receiving more complaints about parking across the Crewe West ward. Now that schools have returned to normal, we are seeing an increase in complaints around school run times.
Whilst it is understood, that there is limited opportunities for off road parking in some areas and some streets are narrow so there are difficulties in parking on the road, if complaints are received then there is no other option than to assess the situation and act accordingly.
When we come across a vehicle parked within 10 metres of a junction or obstructing a pavement or driveway, we will do the following:
In the first instance we will try to locate the owner of the vehicle and offer words of advice, if we are unable to locate the owner we will then issue an advisory notice; this ticket is simply to provide a warning to the recipient.
If the same vehicle is seen again we will be issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).
If we come across a vehicle that is causing an obstruction or parked in a dangerous position, it could be removed. Before this occurs, everything will be done in order to make the owner aware so that they have an opportunity to move the vehicle however, in the event that no owner is found the vehicle could be seized.
Please be thoughtful about where you park and always park legally and safely.
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Andrea Smith (Police, Community Support Officer, Crewe LPU)

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