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Wednesday 8 July 2020

Scam - the More You Know the Safer You Are

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Scam - the More You Know the Safer You Are

Good morning,
I hope that you are well and are enjoying the sunshine that we are having today!
Unfortunately, we have had a few scams in our local area.
Would you know a SCAM if you saw one? The truth is, is that scammers make it very difficult for us to tell what is legit and what isn't.
Thankfully 'The Little Book Of Big Scams' can give us an insight on some of the types of SCAMS going on around in the area and how we can protect ourselves from this happening.
If you haven't got the time to read any of this from the link that we provide today, please take away one thing from this email - If it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't, and whether someone is calling you or emailing you - you can always just STOP and report it. You do not have to stay in contact with them because you feel pressured.
Your safety and the safety of your personal details is our priority.
You can call 101 to report this or 999 in an emergency.
You should ALWAYS contact your bank if in any doubt that money has left your account through a SCAM.
Thank you for your time.
We're here for you because we care.

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