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Sunday 5 April 2020

Live streaming is keeping local music live during coronavirus

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

Live streaming is keeping local music live during coronavirus

Amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, UK Government advice has encouraged self-isolation, working from home to avoid non-essential travel and social distancing to slow the spread of the sickness.

However, with music venues and nightclubs having to temporarily close and concerts cancelled during the outbreak, local musicians and DJs are instead broadcasting live to the world from their homes via online social media for fans to watch from the safety of their sofa on a phone, computer or TV.

Their free live streaming gigs are helping people to combat the potential boredom and loneliness of staying at home; to keep their fans’ spirits up and to metaphorically bring them together during the lockdown.

During broadcasts viewers are encouraged to add comments, a Like, a Heart, and even request a song! The gigs are also frequently saved, so can be watched back later.

Jim Kirkpatrick even filmed the video to his latest track ‘Ain't Going' Down Alone’, from a forthcoming solo album, at home and has uploaded the video to his YouTube channel:

Some performers are fundraising whilst live streaming to support their livelihood, colleagues in the music industry and charities.

Local musicians who have already live-streamed performances include:

Baxter, ;

Marc Gallagher, ;

Jim Kirkpatrick, ;

Megan Lee, ;

Oli Ng, ;

Jonathan Tarplee,

Local DJs who have already live-streamed performances include:

Kev Lovell, ;

Danny Tarry, ;

Alan Woodhouse,

Jim Kirkpatrick said: “Live streaming from home not only provides entertainment for people isolating during this period but also provides a creative outlet for musicians and has created alternative sources of income for them. Tipping for requests and selling merchandise have become the norm over the last few weeks and has become a lifeline for musicians that have completely lost their income.”

Jonathan Tarplee said: “Many musicians have lost most or all of their income since the lockdown. Streaming simply doesn’t pay in the way that buying CDs or even downloads used to, so many artists are doing online shows to maintain a connection to their audience in the hope that there will still be places to perform when this is all over.”

Alan Woodhouse said: “The power of music can really help people during this difficult time. It’s great to see so many DJs coming together by using technology to stream live sets on social media. Nationally and internationally known DJs such as Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Bob Sinclar and Dave Pearce are all live streaming from home. More locally, DJs Danny Tarry, Kev Lovell and Craig Timmis all live broadcast on a regular basis. A large local charity fundraising DJ event ‘Golden Live’, which was due to take place at Keele University, was live streamed from each DJs home instead, with DJ sets starting at agreed times. An interesting situation that the coronavirus outbreak has created is that it has turned the biggest DJs in the world back into bedroom DJs, where every DJ started their career. I have live streamed and shall be doing much more over the coming days and weeks, as we can all easily broadcast at different times which gives more choice. I do think going forward that streaming live DJ sets will be used much more than it has been and will be part of every DJs itinerary.”

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