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Sunday 27 August 2017

Chalk it Up

Omar Saenz, Mexico won the first price and  Ruben Poncia, The Netherlands won most original artist


Chalk it up has been in Crewe for the last 2 days  with lots of public interest with a rare event not that popular in the UK for very big in Italy and other place around the world


The artists, many of them multi-award winners and world renowned, came  from across the globe, including from the United States, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy, France and the UK.


Pavement art originated in Britain and during the Victorian era, the artists, known as ‘screevers’, flourished around areas where tourists and business people passed through, such as railway stations. Crewe was no exception.

The festival is part of Coloured Earth, a series of international pavement art events and festivals organised by Urban Canvas for the UK.

It is also supported by Toulon International de Street Festival, in France, and Festival Bella Via, in Mexico.


There were 3 local artist from Crewe taking part


artists included
  • Vicente Rios Zarazua, Mexico
  • Adry Del Rocio, Mexico
  • Anthony Cappetto, USA
  • Alex Hobby, Nottingham
  • Carlos Alberto Garcia, Mexico
  • Cesar Polack, Mexico
  • Christine Edwards, Crewe
  • David Jewkes, Crewe
  • Dean Tweedy, Wales
  • Ghislaine Monte, The Netherlands
  • Hannah Bold, England
  • Jean-Marc Navello, France
  • Jennifer Chaparro, USA
  • John Bulley, England
  • Keith Fearon, England
  • Ketty Grossi, Italy
  • Laurellene, Sturtzer, France
  • Mark Sheeky, England
  • Mark Steel, London
  • Omar Saenz, Mexico
  • Phil Garrett, Liverpool
  • Ruben Poncia, The Netherlands
  • Venessa Scott, Manchester


If it doesn't rain the art should be there on Monday


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