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Friday 23 June 2017

Weight loss success story for Cheshire East resident

Lifestyle and health services launched three months ago by Cheshire East Council’s ‘One You Cheshire East’ programme are already having a very positive impact on residents in the borough.

‘One You Cheshire East’ brings lifestyle and health advice services in the borough under one support system. It works to improve residents’ health, tackle health inequalities and reduce the load on the council and the NHS.

Tom Rigby, from Macclesfield, joined the ‘Re-shape’ group – one of the programmes commissioned by Cheshire East Council’s public health team, as part of the ‘One You’ offer – at Everybody Sport and Recreation’s Holmes Chapel Community Centre when it was launched in March.

Tom was finding it hard to run around the park with his kids, felt overweight and struggled to fit in his clothes. The impact of the programme has been almost immediate.

Tom said: “In just 11 weeks I’ve lost more than two stone. I fit my clothes better and have actually had to go down a size in my clothes, so I’ve got more energy and feel less stressed at work.

“There is no set target on the programme and there’s no pressure. It’s great to get information from trained nutritionists – people who know their stuff so you can trust what you’re given. The trainers are very motivational and that’s a big help as well.”

Topics vary each week from portion sizes, looking at fats and understanding more about sugars as people on the programme get a broad overview of nutrition.

Councillor Liz Wardlaw, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for health, said: “It’s terrific to hear about the success of people like Tom who have clearly got great determination to improve their health. I hope that his story can act as inspiration for anyone who is thinking about making that first step.

“The programmes that are running as part of the ‘One You Cheshire East’ programme are very inclusive and it is an extremely supportive environment to be in while trying to make positive life changes. So my advice would be: stop thinking about doing it and start actually doing it – as there’s room for everyone on the programmes.”

People can refer themselves on to our health programmes by visiting:

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