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Monday 4 August 2014

Application for a further 53 houses in the green gap in Rope


Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor Brian Silvester is calling on residents to object to an application for a further 53 houses in the green gap in Rope off Rope Lane. (See details of where to send objections below)

He said, “ In 2012 Wain Homes had an application for 80 houses off Rope Lane refused because it was in the Green Gap.(See phase 1 attached) They gained permission  on appeal. In the decision letter the Inspector said that the ‘the development would not materially reduce the physical or perceived separation of Shavington and Crewe.’ This latest application (see attached) will virtually obliterate the green gap between Shavington and the A500 and if the Gresty Oaks development is passed it will be gone for good. It would virtually destroy the Green Gap and the beautiful open countryside at the edge of Shavington and many acres of good agricultural land would be lost forever. It would be the latest step towards joining Crewe up with its surrounding villages. Most people are aware of the ugly urban sprawl in places like Stoke on Trent and we do not want that on our doorstep

Rope Lane is the main route to Shavington High School and Shavington village. Rope Lane is congested and dangerous now at peak times.To have an additional 100 cars added to the traffic movements can only lead to further highway congestion and add to the accident and pollution problems.  

No apparent regard has been taken of the fact that Swill Brook is a flood zone and that there is significant  danger of flooding. Gresty Lane and the gardens adjacent to the brook regularly flood now and this further development will only exasperate the flooding problems.

Also the development would put extra pressure on local schools and NHS facilities which are already under pressure.

In summary there are good planning reasons to refuse this application. The Local Plan has been adopted  by the Council and is now awaiting Government approval. This site has not been included as one of the strategic housing sites in the Local Plan..The site is marked in the submitted local plan as ‘Proposed Green Belt Broad Area of Search.’ I strongly feel that this application should be rejected, it is detrimental to the open countryside, it would mean the permanent loss of good agricultural land, it would bring further traffic problems, it would exasperate the current flooding problems, it impinges massively on the green gap between our villages and is unsustainable.”


Residents angry over 146 houses being passed on appeal in the green gap in Willaston

Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor Brian Silvester says,”Residents are very angry over 146 houses being passed on appeal in the green gap off Moorfields in Willaston

The Inspector found that there wasn’t a 5 year housing supply and the Local Plan is still in it early stages of being examined and therefore does not carry a lot of weight. The Inspector admits that it would damage the green gap but not significantly. Overall he says the site is sustainable.

I feel incensed about this. If the Council had got their act together and had an adopted Local Plan and a 5 year supply of housing then this would not have happened. The Leader of the Council has, for over a year, told residents not to worry because a 5 year housing supply was in place. However, sadly, virtually every Planning Inspector who has examined the evidence has concluded that there is not a 5 year supply and 14 major appeals have been lost by the Council, at a cost of over £400,000 to the Council taxpayer. Several hundred houses have been  passed against the almost unanimous objections  of residents.  Hundred of acres of green fields, many in the green gap, are to be concreted over and lost forever. This planning disaster is a self inflicted wound. Many of these fields could have been saved from the bulldozer if the Council had an adopted Local Plan and a 5 year housing supply that stands up to examination on appeal.

The leadership of the Council have totally let down the good people of Cheshire East and they should go. We need new leadership urgently to sort out  this planning catastrophe that has sadly engulfed us all.”

Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons) (Photo attached)

Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor

Cheshire East Council

11 Rimsdale Close



Tel/fax 01270 567757

Text     07760147609

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