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Saturday 8 October 2011

Sign the Petition


The town today was alive with councillors  want you to sign their petitions. Above is the one to stop the gypsies site in Crewe which could cost up to  1 million pounds. We seem to be the dumping area for the council who dont want these things in Macclesfield. Every time gypsies stay in Crewe we are left with damage rubbish and the crime rate goes through the roof. People were coming forward without being asked to sign this one.


Round the corner they were trying to save our town from ruin and safe  guard jobs at Bombardier which to me is still Crewe Works. People in Crewe left school and started work in Crewe works and 50 years later they retired but now the jobs are few and far between and going down hill rapidly we have the greatest expertise in loco’s  so we need to save the jobs instead of the work going abroad

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