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Thursday 16 June 2011

Great West St floods Part 2


Some time ago we reported on the floods in West St every time it rains.

What makes West St different its not long ago that over £44000 was spent doing up the street with new pavements and road. The contractors have clearly failed to do a proper job on this and have set the angles wrong so the water doesnt drain away and most of it is in the disabled bits. I feel sure they should be made to come back and correct the cockup.

Well they cam back for a week and fixed it wrong they made it worse. I took these pictures today after some rain not a lot.

The first one shows the whole of the road is now flooded at the top of Ford Lane and cars are likely to aquaplane if their tyres are not correct


Closer to the bike shop you see the water never makes it to the grid


Same again the water follows the disable slots and never get to the gridWeststImage059WeststImage060

Now wait for winter if we get the ice again we can let West St out as a ice rink

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