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Monday 23 May 2011

Great Council Rip OFF

In Crewe we have all ways had a 0800 number to report rubbish or contact the council for problems with bin collections. It been very good as if there is rubbish in the area you can ring up free and get the rubbish moved normally the next day.

We have now gone onto the recycle bins and our bins weren't due to be emptied for over 3 weeks so I rang the council on their new number on the bin collection leaflet 0300 1235011. It took them time to get me to the right person who then had to ask someone else.

The was still a problem so a couple of days later I rang again to get it sorted.

Then I got a shock as my phone bill from BT arrived and the cost of calling the council was £2 per call so its cost me £4 to sort out their cock up. People need to be warned that if you want to talk to the council now its going to cost you mega bucks its a total rip off. Lots of people on low income will get some shocks when they see the price and many wont be able to call anymore due to high cost.

Before you call the council beware of the cost

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