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Tuesday 20 July 2010

Police Raids Target Drugs Ring

Police Officers smashed their way into houses in Crewe just after dawn today to arrest more than twenty people on drug dealing charges.
Nearly 200 officers, some wearing full protective clothing, were involved in the early morning raids which took place simultaneously at more than 20 houses and flats in various parts of the town.
As people were led away in handcuffs, support teams of specialist Police Officers and Police Staff moved in to houses and flats to search the premises. 
Armed officers were present at one of the addresses. Police said this was “purely precautionary”.
At the same time three teams of Police Officers from Cheshire raided houses on Merseyside to arrest three more people.
Chief Inspector Darren Hebden, Crime Manager for Cheshire Police Eastern Area said, “The aim of these arrests is to take out a drug dealing network which has built up in Crewe to distribute Class A drugs, mostly heroin and crack cocaine, which are brought in from Merseyside.
“This is the culmination of many months of covert police work to identify the dealers and gather evidence against them. The search teams will bring out any drugs they find, together with equipment used to prepare drugs, but the main purpose of this morning’s operation was to make arrests.
“The teams will also seize cash and any assets, including cars, which are likely to have resulted from drug dealing. At a later stage we will apply to the courts for the money and assets to be confiscated. It is important to drive home the message that people will not be allowed to benefit financially from crime.
“People who have been taken into custody today will be processed and charged, either with conspiracy to supply Class A Drugs or with supplying Class A drugs. They will appear before a special court tomorrow.
“This is part of the Cheshire Police Strikeout campaign to tackle crime which affects people’s everyday lives. It has been a very successful operation involving people from many different units across the force.”
Inspector Andrew Smith, the officer in charge of Crewe Neighbourhood Policing Unit said, “Like all towns of its size, Crewe has a number of drug addicts and criminals who try to make money from supplying them.
“Drug dealing has repercussions right across the community. It injects elements of fear and suspicion into any neighbourhood where it is taking place. It drags the area down. It also drives other crime such as burglary, car crime and shoplifting as addicts try to finance their habit.
“After these arrests today, support will be offered by our partner agencies to addicts who are suddenly deprived of their supply and they will be offered opportunities to break their addiction.
“Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers will also tour the areas where arrests have been made talking to people and distributing leaflets explaining what has happened.
“Police Officers and Police Staff at all levels are involved in a constant campaign to tackle the drugs  issue. 
“Many of our investigations into drugs and drug dealing networks begin with some information from a member of the public. Sometimes it comes on the telephone; sometimes it is raised at a neighbourhood meeting or police surgery; sometimes it is simply passed on in a conversation with a Police Officer or Police Community Support Officer on their beat.
“If you are concerned about drug abuse or drug dealing in your area do not hesitate to contact us. We will always follow up information.”
Anyone with information about drug dealing can call the Cheshire Police Information Line 0845 458 0000, or you can leave information anonymously on the Crimestoppers Line 0800 555 111.

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