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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Suffering Dogs Update

The RSPCA visited the property and as at that time the dog had food and water nothing was done about it. They say they can only act on what they see when they are there and they came just after it had been fed. The fact it may be another week before it gets food doesnt come into the RSPCA equation.

I argued with them that an old infirm dog chained to a dustbin all day and all night alone even if it has food and water and a kennel which it can just about get in with the chain is cruelty. The strange thing is its chained to a dustbin but a couple of times its been roaming the streets as can be seen above. Unfortunately this is when the dog warden isnt at work but it must mean someone comes along and throws it out into the street for a few hours to fend for its self and later re chains it back to the bin unless of coarse the dogs name is Houdini.
As it is the dog still suffer one of these days it will be found dead and the state of the one in the house is anyones guess

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