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Monday 26 October 2009

Crime News

Please be aware of some recent Modes of Operation that have been used in the Eastern area that are of a suspicious nature. Only one of these reports have been reported from the Crewe & Nantwich area. However, this type of crime is very mobile and people who engage in these types of crime will travel between towns in the county and further afield so please be mindful of these methods.

1.) Water & Gas - White van pulls onto callers drive with 3 males onboard. 1 male (aged 18-19, approx 5"7', short, brown hair, grey bomber jacket and jeans) knocked on the door stating he had come to cut off the gas. Resident questioned him and was told that they had recently had a gas installation, pointing at their outside gas meter, and that he would need to come upstairs to switch the water off. Resident declined entry and asked for ID and at this time the male walked off back to his van.

2.) Resident received a call from someone claiming to be from the home office offering to send someone to fit a burglar alarm. When challenged caller terminated call. Number was withheld.

3.) **Reported from Crewe area.** Male (short beard, white pullover, grey trousers) called at residents door stating that he needed a new driveway as by law it has to look nice. He then proceeded to ask resident questions about their financial situation. Male was on foot, did not have any ID but did have leaflets with him.

I appreciate that many members are quite clued up on this type of crime but it is useful to be aware of some of the methods used. Some of these individuals are very convincing, operate in a confident manner and can be quite official looking and depending on the circumstances people can sometimes be taken in by one of these callers whether it be by phone, at the door or on the internet. Those engaging in doorstep crime in particular often target more elderly and vulnerable people.

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