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Wednesday 1 October 2008

Help needed Urgently

The Hope House (Children's Hospice) Shop in Market St

I went to the shop to see what had happened and saw how the yobs had broken in over a wall covered in razor wire and smashed doors to get into the out building. They came down an alley next to Carters the jewellers and used dustbins to gain entry. Strangely the Police haven't bothered to tell Carters about the break in at the rear of their shop. The stock that is left will have to be thrown away as there is no way of knowing what the yobs have done to it. A computer is missing and one has to ask how can anyone walk about Crewe a night with a computer in the town centre and not be seen somewhere on CCTV?
The break in have happened on more than one occasion and help is needed to secure the premises and carry out repairs

The lowest form of crime when toe rags do things like this

I am writing this on behalf of Diane Banton.
Hope House (Children's Hospice) Charity Shop in Crewe is one of Diane's companies and someone has broken in, trashed the shop and stolen all the items they have put aside for their Xmas Display.They will have to pay to have the damage rectified and replace most of the stock. They have asked if anyone can help with books, toys, sparkly dresses or any donations, no matter how small.
Please contact Diane Banton direct if you can help.
Thank you

Please either drop it into the shop, or contact Celia or Di Banton on 01270 251493

Floral Display outside the Library Sept 08

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