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Thursday 6 May 2021

Burglary on Moss Lane- Leighton

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Cheshire Constabulary

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Burglary on Moss Lane- Leighton

29/4/21 Throughout the night from 00.00 - 09.00 on MOSS LANE, LEIGHTON a burglary occurred in an outhouse of one of the farms. If anyone has any information regarding the incident please call 101 quoting reference 975751.
Currently you have less chance of being a victim of crime in Cheshire than in neighbouring areas (such as Merseyside & Manchester), with your chances of being a victim of Burglary significantly lower.
However a criminal is simply looking for the opportunity to commit crime, or is suddenly hit by a tempting situation. If we remove that temptation, or make it difficult for someone, then it is estimated that a staggering 90% of crime would be prevented.
Have an approved alarm fitted in your home – ask your local officers or your insurance company for advice.
If you have an alarm fitted - ensure your alarm is working correctly.
Use it at night. Most systems can be ‘zoned’.
1 in 3 burglaries occur due to an open or unlocked window or door – so always close and lock all doors and windows when you go out or to another part of the home where you wouldn’t hear someone.
Fit kite marked mortise deadlocks or bolts to outside doors and gates, and locks with keys to all downstairs or easily accessible windows. Keep keys out of sight. Patio and French doors can be protected by fitting purpose made locks.
Make it difficult for burglars by locking all side and back gates.
Make the home look occupied when you are out or away,
Use automatic timers to switch on radios or lights Leave lights on in the bedroom and bathroom, not just in the hall.
Fit lights that come on at night to cover the sides and back of your house
Keep them out of sight of windows.
Make items traceable. Postcode them with a UV pen or specialist traceable liquids or register them on
For all emergencies please call 999.
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Matt Oliver (Cheshire Police, PCSO, Crewe)

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