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Monday 9 January 2017

Garden village will bring new homes and opportunities in north of the borough


Cheshire East Council has welcomed the government’s backing for 14 garden village developments across the UK, including an imaginative scheme at Handforth.

The emerging master plans for the scheme, which will be subject to planning approvals, could see the development of some 1,650 new homes in the north of the borough, including affordable and starter homes for young people, family houses and tailored accommodation for older people. 

It will also include ‘self-build housing plots’ for the adventurous who want to design and construct their own homes.

Councillor Jamie Macrae, chairman of Engine of the North, the council-owned company which is developing the masterplan, said: “This is an innovative approach to residential development, which will lead to new and sustainable communities complete with  the required infrastructure, such as schools, health facilities and sports and leisure amenities.

“We are pleased the government has given the green light to this concept of development and we feel the site at Handforth is an ideal location.

“There is a need for new homes in the borough and across the country as a whole.”

The 102 hectare site is situated off the A34 to the east of Handforth Dean, and has been allocated within the council’s updated Local Plan, broadly endorsed by the planning inspector.

Seventy hectares of land are owned by the council and Engine of the North will work in collaboration with adjoining landowners and stakeholders to bring forward this exemplar village development.

The garden village would involve extensive areas of green landscaping with trees and open spaces, incorporating new green transport links, cycle ways to existing transport hubs, and nearby shopping centres.

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