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Wednesday 26 August 2009

The Fair comes to town

The Fair has arrived at Tipkinder ready for the Carnival this weekend. The procession is earley this year starting at 11 am. The main events will be held on the Georges playing fields as the park isn't open so there will be a long trek down to the fair.
Is the fair safe? Every year when the fair comes the fair ground caravans plug their electric into the power supply 3 feet from the skate park and the cables lead a long way to the caravans. You can see the control box and the cable loop all these cables carrying main electricity go all over the field were children play. They are a trip hazard and all these cables should be tested by the council for leakage and they should have a trip on them and be armored so kids cant damage them.

Every year the council are informed and no one ever does anything are they checked and why arnt they buried so kids cant play with them

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