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Saturday 26 December 2020

Attempted Breaks - Haslington and Stowford - Useful Tips Included For Better Home Security

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Attempted Breaks - Haslington and Stowford - Useful Tips Included For Better Home Security

Good evening,
I am emailing this evening to make you aware of the recent attempted breaks in the Haslington and Stowford areas.
There has been both shed and residential attempts locally and therefore we are asking our community to ensure that their homes and outhouses have decent locks and home security.
Below are some suggestions to consider :-
1. Check your front door for potential weakness.
2.Use timers and radios to make it seem like someone is home.
3.Lock windows and doors when not at your property.
4.Lock doors even when at your property.
5.Keep your keys out of sight.
6.Let there be light onto your property, for example security lights.
7.Use warning signs such as CCTV.
8.Invest in decent CCTV if you have the funds, but dummy cameras are also good. They can be purchased at places like B&M.
9.Think like a burglar and think about weakness on your property.
10.Do not prop bins against walls that lead to windows or flat roofs.
11.Stay in contact with your neighbours, a good neighbour is the best natural surveillance.
12.Start or join a neighbourhood watch team for your road, whether that's via Cheshire Alert, WhatsApp or other networks such as NEXTDOOR.
13.Trust your instinct, if something doesn't feel or seem right, email me on to pass on intelligence, or call 101 to report crime, but 999 always in an emergency.
Thank you for your time.
Stay safe.
Kind regards,
PCSO Lizzie Jolley 22582

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