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Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Since the 11th September we have had three burglaries reported to us in the Sandbach area, these have been on Mortimer Drive, Middlewich Road, and Manifold Close.
The burglaries have all happened in a similar manor – a panel on the door has been removed to gain entry.

There does not seem to be any specific trend to them and we have also had similar burglaries in the Crewe, Holmes Chapel and Middlewich areas. There is not a massive increase in burglaries that are occurring in Cheshire and infact burglary has fallen by nearly 60% nationally since 1995. In Cheshire, burglaries have dropped by 12.9% in the last five years, which means there are now 592 fewer victims of burglary a year than in 2005.

The county also has a crime rate which is below national average. While this is good reason for you to feel secure in your home, you should remain aware that criminals are opportunists who will take advantage of any chance to steal from you.

One of the best deterrents to burglary is somebody being in the house. Even if there isn’t anybody at home, there are lots of things you can do to give the impression that the house is occupied. Draw the curtains and leave a light on in the house when you go out in the evening.

If you are leaving the house unoccupied for longer, install timers which switch lights or radios on and off automatically. Make sure that milk bottles and parcels are not left on the doorstep, and that letters and newspapers are not left in the letterbox. Ask a neighbour or relative to regularly clear the doorstop and letterbox. You could also encourage someone to park on your drive while you are away.

Other points to take inconsideration is:

·        Keep your valuables out of sight.

·        Make your property unappealing – install security lights and burglar alarm.

·        Mark all valuable property with UV marker pens.

·        Keep photographs of any valuable items.

·        Always lock doors and accessible windows.

·        Do not leave ladders outside where they could be used to reach upstairs windows.

·        Don’t label your house keys with your address.

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