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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Council moves to acquire key site for scheme to transform Crewe town centre

Royal Arcade 2 - artist's impression 

Crewe town centre could be set for its most significant development scheme in decades.

Cheshire East Council has contracted to purchase the Royal Arcade site which includes the bus station and 26 retail units along Queensway and Victoria Street.

The decision on the acquisition was expected to be reported to the Council’s Cabinet meeting today (April 21).

The bold move follows years of speculation since plans for the Delamere Place retail and office scheme stalled in 2009. 

Caroline Simpson, executive director of economic growth and prosperity, said: “In recent months we’ve been developing a regeneration delivery framework for the town centre to understand the role that Cheshire East Council can play in giving our residents a town centre that they deserve.

“We’ve already secured millions of pounds of investment for the town centre through the new Lifestyle Centre and the University Technical College which will both open in 2016.

“This is the latest piece in the jigsaw and builds upon strong interest expressed through leisure operators, who share our vision for Crewe and our belief that we can forge a role for the town centre that is based on it being a destination for families to spend quality leisure time.”

Options for redeveloping part of the site, which could include additional leisure attractions, such as a new larger cinema, restaurants, a hotel, car park and a remodelled bus interchange, are now being considered.

Julian Cobley, the Council’s head of investment, added: “We will look at all options including the potential for bringing in a development partner to ensure that any scheme balances viability with our aspirations that this site can act as a catalyst and bring even more investment into the town. 

“The Council is keen to work with existing occupiers within Royal Arcade and will shortly be embarking on a consultation with local residents and businesses on our regeneration delivery framework, to ensure we’re making the most of our key assets and opportunities in the town centre.”

Benefit fraudster who claimed to be hard-up is left with £18,000 bill


A woman is facing a bill of more than £18,000 after she falsely claimed to be hard-up in order to obtain benefits.

Amy Wilkinson, 28, of Mardon Close, Knutsford, applied for housing benefit and Council Tax benefit in April 2011, saying that she was on a low income, was living in a privately-rented property and needed assistance with her rent and Council Tax bills.

She also made a claim for income support to help her and her daughter as she had no other income.

However, investigators from Cheshire East Council’s benefit fraud investigation team and the Department for Work and Pensions found she had failed to declare that her mother owned the property for which she was claiming housing benefit.

They also discovered that Wilkinson’s partner had joined her household in January 2012 and had been supporting her and the family financially.

Over a two-year period, she received a total of £17,604 in state benefits that she was not entitled to.

Wilkinson admitted two charges of dishonestly making false representations in order to claim housing benefit, Council Tax benefit and income support when she appeared at South and East Cheshire Magistrates Court (on Wednesday April 15, 2015).

Magistrates sentenced her to 24 weeks’ imprisonment suspended for 24 months and ordered her to pay costs of £675 and a victim surcharge of £50.

In addition to the sentence, Wilkinson will have to repay in full the benefits that she fraudulently obtained.

The prosecution was brought by Cheshire East Council’s legal team.

Steph Cordon, Cheshire East Council’s head of communities, said: “It is a big mistake for fraudsters to think they can get away with claiming benefits they are not entitled to.

“They risk ending up with a criminal conviction for a serious offence of dishonesty and being ordered to repay the money they have falsely claimed.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy towards benefit fraud because we are determined to ensure that the benefits system works for people who really need help.”

Residents can report people they suspect of benefit fraud by calling free on the confidential fraud hotline number 0800 389 2787. There is no need to give a name and calls are treated in the strictest confidence.

Alternatively, suspected fraud can be reported through the Council’s website at

Councillor wins another battle against a housing development in the green gap in Willaston.


Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor Brian Silvester is delighted that another battle against a housing development in the green gap in Willaston has been won.

See here

Brian said,” The proposal was to build 5 detached houses behind 44 Cheerbrook Road. (See plans attached above).

I am glad it has been  refused because it is in the open countryside and the green gap, it is tandem development and the access down the side of the existing house was too narrow. The proposal was also unsustainable.

In the last year Conservative Councillors passed a housing application for 21 houses in the green gap off Cheerbrook Road in Willaston. Recently an application for 100 houses off Cheerbrook Road has been refused. We will have to be ready for a possible appeal for that and for this smaller application. Local people are getting punch drunk with application after application in the village. The sooner we have a Council that can deliver an Adopted Local Plan and a five year supply of housing, the better.It is about time that local people were in charge of development in their community and not the developers.”

Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons)

Willaston and Rope Ward Councillor

Cheshire East Council

11 Rimsdale Close



Tel/fax 01270 567757

Text     07760147609


Sandbach Transport Festival 2015

Reporter Jonathan White, Crewe

The 25th anniversary Sandbach Transport Festival - - took place over the weekend of Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April 2015.

This free event included live music on The Cobbles, BBQ/Hog Roast by Sandbach Round Table, entertainment in the park including children’s funfair, a Thomas the Tank Engine road train, zorbing and birds of prey, a Sandbach Fire Station Open Day, an art festival at the Masonic Hall, a classic car show on Scotch Common (Saturday), and also on Scotch Common there was a large vehicle display featuring trucks, buses, classic and vintage cars, motorbikes, tractors, miniature steam engines and bicycles. There was no parade this year due to roadworks taking place nearby at Junction 17 of the M6 motorway. Numerous shops and pubs were open in the town over the weekend. Over 20,000 people were estimated to have attended the event which took place in warm and dry weather.

Chopper Squad – Jack Gresty – Andrew Feltham – Paul  Weaver – Christopher WhiteFoden truck

I’ve uploaded my photos to Flickr:

Cheshire East holds ceremony to mark centenary of tragic Gallipoli Campaign in the First World War


Cheshire East Council is to hold an act of remembrance to mark the centenary of the bloody Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.

Senior representatives of Cheshire East Council will lead civic dignitaries at the ceremony at Congleton War Memorial on Saturday, April 25, at 10.15am. Members of the public are warmly invited to attend.

The poignant event is being held on Anzac Day, in memory of the many thousands of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps troops, as well as British and other Allied servicemen, who died in the doomed campaign on Turkey’s Dardanelles coastline.

The Gallipoli Campaign of April 1915 was championed by then First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill. Its aim was to strike a decisive knockout blow against Germany’s ally, the Ottoman Empire, and hasten the Allies’ victory.

However, the beach-landing assaults quickly ran into difficulties, with troops pinned down on the heavily defended and difficult coastline terrain. The Allies eventually withdrew after eight months of fighting and heavy casualties. About 350,000 troops in total, from both sides, were killed or wounded.

Mike Suarez, chief executive of Cheshire East Council, said: “This will be a solemn occasion when the people of Cheshire East can gather together as a community to remember the fallen of all sides in that terrible campaign in the Great War.

“More than 550,000 Allied troops participated, and this will be an occasion to recognise the sacrifices made by people from so many countries during the campaign, to show our gratitude and respect and to remember the bravery shown on all sides of the conflict.”

The act of remembrance will last about 20 minutes. The event is one of many centenary ceremonies being held as part of the Council’s Cheshire East Reflects programme to commemorate events from the Great War of 1914-18.

For more information about Cheshire East Reflects, visit:

Friday, 17 April 2015

Speeding in Rope Lane

I am calling for action to prevent speeding in Rope Lane, Rope. A recent survey showed over 40% of vehicles were speeding and this is totally unacceptable, as well as being dangerous. Rope Lane is one of the main routes from Shavington to Crewe and to the Shavington High School. It is very narrow in parts and in places there is no footpath. The Borough Council want to erect a Pelican Crossing in Rope Lane, near to the junction with Bankfield Avenue, to assist school children and residents to cross this busy and dangerous road. Students at the High School are so concerned about highway safety that they have started a campaign to have the crossing introduced as a matter of urgency. I am pursuing this issue with the Highways Department and the Police. I am calling for the crossing to be put in place and for more signs and road markings to show the speed limit. I have called on the Police to carry out speed checks at the busy time in the morning and afternoon/evening. Those that speed should be apprehended and fined to deter further speeding. I also call on all motorists to keep their speed down so we can we can keep the road casualties down.


I welcome the news that two of the main roads through Willaston are to be resurfaced. Along with the Parish Council I have been campaigning for Wistaston Road and Wybunbury Road  to be resurfaced for some time. They are two of the main routes through the village and are heavily used. As a consequence  there are many potholes and much damage to the roads, so the sooner the resurfacing is done the better. The roads are to be micro asphalted. Micro Asphalt surfacing is the application of a 25mm thick bitumen slurry over the existing surface to provide a new running surface.  It is designed to reseal the existing road surface, fill in the cracks and level out any divots to produce a smoother ride. It is used mainly in the more populated areas of the Borough, any removed lines are replaced within days of application.  Laying the material is very weather dependent and is only applied in the dryer months.

According to the Cheshire East Council’s web site the current maintenance backlog is put at £88million for roads and £22 million on footways. Based on current funding levels roads in Cheshire East can only be expected to be renewed every 122 years and footpaths every 277 years. This is obviously totally unacceptable and is also short sighted because over the last two years the Council paid out £141,000 in compensation because they failed to fill pot holes, as they are required to do. UKIP Councillors are pressing for more to be spent on our roads and footways. We could do with a few less failed grandiose plans in Cheshire East and instead the money saved being used to fill in the ever increasing number of potholes.

Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons)

Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor

Cheshire East Council

11 Rimsdale Close



Tel/fax 01270 567757

Text     07760147609

The Wistaston Singers.

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston.

The Wistaston Singers performed a fund-raising concert on the evening of Thursday 16th April 2015 at St Mark’s Church in Shavington. Phil Houghton was the Musical Director and also introduced each song and soloist. The programme included soloists Chris White (ukulele), Phil Houghton (church organ) and Ann Farrington (piano). Ann was also the accompanist for the evening.

The choir sang Get Me to the Church on Time (Lerner & Loewe), Goodbye, Dolly Gray (Barnes), Phantom of the Opera - Music of the Night (Lloyd Webber), Keep the Home Fires Burning (Novello), One Voice (Manilow), All in the April evening (Roberton), Queen compilation (Brymor), Pack Up Your Troubles (Powell), My Fair Lady compilation (Lerner & Loewe), Can You Feel the Love Tonight (John), If You Were the Only Girl, In the World (Ayer), Love Changes Everything (Lloyd-Webber) and A Clare Benediction (Rutter). Fifty people were in the audience. Refreshments were served during the interval. The £346 raised at the concert will go to St Luke's Cheshire Hospice (Shavington Support Group).

Musical Director Phil Houghton said, “We were delighted to sing at St Mark’s Church and thank them for their hospitality. The choir introduced some of their new material for this year’s season. It was an evening that was enjoyed by all and we thank everyone for their support.”


Musical Director Phil Houghton conducts the Wistaston  Singers

The Wistaston Singers were originally formed by members of the choir at St Mary's Parish Church, Wistaston in May 2000 and now number over forty members singing four-part harmony music. The choir perform a variety and eclectic choice of music ranging from choral church music and anthems, Gilbert and Sullivan items, music from the shows, music from modern composers such as John Rutter encompassing from the 15th century to the 20th century. They perform up to five concerts a year at various venues in south Cheshire. The choir is also available to perform at weddings in the area. The choir rehearse weekly in the parish rooms of St Mary's Church, Nantwich on a Wednesday evening from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. New members are welcome and further details may be obtained from Choir Secretary Jill Oakes, Tel: 01270 662940 and

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Wreath laid to remember a Crewe war hero on the 100th anniversary of his death


Two Wistaston residents, Joyce and Graham Rawlings, laid a wreath for Harry Burnadine Rawlings on the 100th anniversary of his death in the First World War on the 30th of March 2015. See photo below.  Harry was born in Crewe and at one time lived in Rigg Street with his brother Walter.

Cllr Brian Silvester said, “It is wonderful  that a war hero can be remembered in this way, 100 years after his death. I attended the service and it was a very moving occasion. I would like to thank Joyce and Graham for  arranging this tribute to a Crewe war hero  who gave his life, so we could be free to live our lives. The ultimate sacrifice.”

Joyce said, “I have supported the British Legion Poppy Appeal for many years, having a cross and poppy laid outside Westminster Abbey to commemorate my grandad, George O’Brien, who was killed 2 months before mam was born.  We have commemorated grandad, Lewis Albert Payne from Tasmania, and Harry Burnadine.  We have pledged to 3 more – one each year until 2018.  Lewis Albert was no relation but we were asked to commemorate him – which we did – and we made contact with his relatives in Tasmania and New South Wales.  A pity we could not find any relatives of HB.”

If anyone needs/wants to speak with Joyce, best time is afternoons.  01270 668835


Sandbach Transport Festival – Temporary Road Closures


Cheshire East Council is alerting residents and visitors to local road closures for the Sandbach Transport Festival later this month.

The following roads will be closed on both Saturday April 18 (2015) & Sunday April 19:

● High Street, Sandbach (7am-5pm) – from the junction with Old Mill Road to the junction with Hightown/Congleton Road;

Congleton Road, Sandbach (9am-6pm) – from the junction with Offley Road to the junction with Bradwall Road;

Green Street, Sandbach (10am-6pm) – from the junction with Cross Street to the junction with Congleton Road;

The Commons, Sandbach (6am-6pm) – from the junction with Wellbank Road to the junction with Congleton Road;

In addition, the following roads will be closed on Sunday April 19:

Welles Street, Sandbach (6am-6pm) – from the junction with Congleton Road to the junction with Bold Street;

Bold Street, Sandbach (10am-6pm) – from the junction with Bradwall Road to the junction with Welles Street.

Location Map - view on

Pedestrian access to any premises situated within the temporary closure will be maintained at all times. Vehicular access will be maintained for emergency vehicles and residents where possible.

The closure is necessary for Sandbach Transport Festival to take place.

This notice will become operative on Saturday April 18 2015 for a period of 5 days or for such less time as is necessary to enable the event to be held.

If you have any enquiries relating to the works please contact Cheshire East Highways on telephone 03001235020.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Tickets

Action Fraud, together with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and the City of London Police, are working in partnership with Rugby World Cup 2015 organisers to disrupt those entities seeking to sell Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets without permission from the official provider.
We would like rugby fans and the general public to be aware that they should only purchase tickets from official sources and avoid being scammed.
Purchase tickets from an official source and avoid losing your money.

  • England Rugby 2015 Limited (“ER2015”) is the organising committee of Rugby World Cup 2015, due to take place in England and Cardiff from 18 September 2015 until 31 October 2015. Rugby World Cup Limited (“RWCL”) is the Tournament owner of Rugby World Cup 2015.  
  • RWCL/ER2015 wants to ensure that the public is not misled, by unauthorised ticket sellers, into believing they have purchased genuine Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets.
Where can you buy official match tickets? 
Where can you buy Official ticket-inclusive hospitality packages?
  • These can only be purchased through the official hospitality programme, operated by Rugby Travel & Hospitality Ltd (“RTH”) at
Where can you buy Official ticket-inclusive Supporter Tours (i.e. travel packages)?
How do you ensure that you are buying Rugby World Cup 2015 match tickets, supporter tours or hospitality packages from an official channel?
  • To check whether a company or a certain website is an official Rugby World Cup 2015 channel, use the ‘Official Checker’ tool which is located at www.rugbyworldcup/buyofficial.
Can you buy official Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets, supporter tours or hospitality packages elsewhere, other than as outlined above?
  • There is no guarantee that Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets (and/or ticket inclusive packages) purchased from any source other than RWCL, ER2015, RTH  (or those listed above) are genuine tickets (and/or ticket-inclusive packages).
  • Fans who purchase tickets and/or ticket-inclusive packages from unauthorised sellers run the risk of paying over the odds for a non-existent ticket, ending up disappointed by not getting to see the match they paid to see, and risk having their personal and credit card details stolen for use in other crimes.
Points to note about unauthorised activity:
  • It has been shown from the 2012 Olympics and other major events in the UK that ticket touts are often linked with other forms of criminality.
  • The unauthorised sale, or offer for sale, of Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets (and/or ticket-inclusive packages) may constitute an infringement of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 or Fraud.
  • All official Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets are subject to ER2015’s ticket terms and conditions, located at:
  • Tickets are STRICTLY NON-TRANSFERABLE and MUST NOT BE SOLD OR OFFERED, EXPOSED OR MADE AVAILABLE FOR SALE, OR TRANSFERRED OR OTHERWISE DISPOSED. ER2015 reserves the right to cancel without refund any tickets which ER2015 reasonably believes have been or are intended to be resold, offered, exposed or made available for sale, or transferred or otherwise disposed in breach of the ticketing terms and conditions.
  • Any person attempting to use Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets which have been resold in breach of the ticket terms and conditions risks being refused entry to or ejected from the relevant match venue.
How do I report unauthorised use of Rugby World Cup assets?
  • To report the sale of unauthorised general public tickets, please contact ER2015 at
  • To report the sale of counterfeit Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets or the unauthorised sale of ticket-inclusive supporter tour/hospitality packages, please contact
Action Fraud will be replicating this alert on a regular basis, leading up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup to prevent members of the community being affected by this type/similar fraud. Please bear with us until September 2015.

Pioneering venture to share records will improve care of vulnerable


An innovative scheme to permit health and care professionals to share information will help save the lives of the vulnerable and frail by avoiding delays and the risk of confusion.

Described as a ‘game changer’ in its approach to meeting the needs of vulnerable, older and frail people, the Cheshire Integrated Digital Care Record is a partnership project involving Cheshire East Council, health trusts and clinical commissioning groups across the County.

It will enable health and care professionals to take more timely and appropriate actions when dealing with a resident or patient who is new to them.

The new system will integrate health and social care records without compromising confidentiality and data protection.

It will ensure the speedier sharing of information between GPs and hospital consultants, with vital information including social care needs also available.

As an example, it would mean that an accident and emergency consultant at Leighton Hospital could be able to view the GP and social care record of an older person who had suffered a fall and who, unknown to them, may also be suffering dementia.

Valuable time could be saved by having immediate access to medical records, medication or care plans.

The new scheme is funded through all partner agencies including a grant of over £1m from NHS England and incorporates the Council’s health care partners:

· NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG

· NHS South Cheshire CCG

· NHS Vale Royal CCG

· Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

· East Cheshire NHS Trust

· The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

· Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Cheshire West and Chester Council, the West Cheshire CCG and the Countess of Chester Hospital are also involved in the new digital record policy, ensuring a consistent approach across Cheshire.

Lorraine Butcher, Cheshire East Council’s Executive Director of Strategic Commissioning said: “Putting residents first by mobilising care and support services around them and in response to their needs is how the Council and its partners will help people to live well and for longer.

“It is an opportunity to affect a real step-change in how we and our partners can work better together to ensure the needs of all our residents and patients are met more quickly.”

Tracy Bullock, Chief Executive of Mid Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust said:

“I am very pleased that we are a part of this essential and exciting project, as it will lead to real improvements in the quality and safety of care that we are able to provide to our patients”

The Chief Executive of East Cheshire NHS Trust John Wilbraham said: “As a combined hospital and community trust with staff providing care in a wide range of environments, we fully appreciate how vital integrated health and care records are.

“As a result, I wholeheartedly welcome this project and we look forward to working with Cheshire East Council and our other local partners to help the new system further increase the quality and efficiency of the care we deliver to our patients.”

The Wistaston Singers?

Reporter  Jonathan White, Wistaston

The Wistaston Singers are holding an ‘Evening of Entertainment’ this Thursday 16th April at 7:30pm in St Mark’s Church Hall, Shavington. Tickets = £6 and include tea/coffee and biscuits. Proceeds in support of St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice. For further information please contact Shirley Bailey 665819 or Elizabeth Davies 662536.

The Wistaston Singers

Cheshire East Council to invest £7m to upgrade street lighting


Cheshire East Council has successfully secured funding for major improvements to the Borough’s street lights.

The Council is set to invest more than £7m in 2015/16 to upgrade over 11,000 street lights using the latest light-emitting diode (LED) technology.

It will also replace nearly 2,500 columns that have reached the end of their serviceable life.

The money is coming from Salix Finance, which works with public sector organisations to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. 

Salix provides interest-free loans with repayments covered from the energy savings achieved by the project.

Paul Traynor, strategic commissioning manager for highways at Cheshire East Council, said: “The Council has a duty to look at all options to reduce its carbon emissions and to tackle increasing energy costs.

“Upgrading existing lanterns to LED will not only reduce our carbon emissions but will also deliver a better quality of light for residents, cut ongoing maintenance costs and significantly reduce our energy bills.”

Cheshire East set to back Jodrell Bank’s bid to stay a world leader


Cheshire East Council is set to invest £1m as part of a support package to keep the Jodrell Bank Observatory at the forefront of global scientific research.

Currently, Jodrell Bank is competing to retain its status as the headquarters of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project for another 50 years after the end of the existing contract, which has only four years left to run.

Retaining headquarters status is estimated to be worth £1billion in private sector investment and will help to secure an additional 200 jobs on the site near Goostrey.

The Council’s Cabinet will be asked next week to approve £1m of capital funding to pay for a package of activity and support that will focus on connectivity and asset enhancement.

The proposed work will only go ahead if Jodrell Bank retains its status as headquarters of the SKA, which is a multinational project to create the world’s largest radio telescope.

Cheshire East’s support will also unlock more than £100m of funding from the European Regional Development Fund, Heritage Lottery and the further education sector.

The University of Manchester is already investing £16m toward refurbishment of the Grade 1 listed assets on the site and more than £19m is being sought from HLF and ERDF to build a new visitor pavilion and gallery space.

Caroline Simpson, the Council’s executive director for economic growth and prosperity, said: “The Council has set out a clear action plan to develop and grow the technology and science corridor in the area and Jodrell Bank plays a key part in this plan.

“The Council is committed to supporting the growth and success of the Jodrell Bank site as a unique asset in the Cheshire Science Corridor, and we continue to work closely with partners across the Manchester city region to develop the site’s record in hosting world-class science and visitor activities.” 

The Council also plans to put in place a Local Development Order for the Jodrell Bank site which will allow for a simplified planning process.

And it wants to work with partners to establish an international school to support the growing workforce attracted by the Borough’s cluster of science and technology-based industries.

Council secures key support for Crewe and Middlewich regeneration plans


Cheshire East Council is set to join forces with the company that owns the UK’s railway land in order to draw up a regeneration plan for Crewe and Middlewich.

London and Continental Railways Limited (LCR) has offered to support the Council’s efforts to develop a growth strategy based on Crewe becoming the location for a hub station on the proposed HS2 high-speed rail network.

LCR, controlled by the Department for Transport, specialises in the management, development and disposal of railway property assets, in particular where they are associated with major infrastructure projects.

The Council’s Cabinet will be asked next week to approve the signing of an agreement to work with LCR on the regeneration plan for Crewe and Middlewich, which will involve identifying strategic sites closed to the proposed station. A joint venture could also be set up to secure funding and acquire land to assemble development sites.

The two organisations would also work on an inward investment strategy targeting the private sector and partner with other government agencies.

Cabinet is being asked to release £200,000 from the existing budget allocation for Crewe High Growth City to fund work on the regeneration plan.

Caroline Simpson, Cheshire East Council’s executive director of economic growth and prosperity, said: “Even though the Crewe HS2 hub station isn’t confirmed, the offer of support to the Council is very welcome.

“Having the insight and experience of LCR is extremely attractive and they would bring direct access to key government departments and agencies.”

Cheshire East Council has campaigned for the past four years to secure the hub station, resulting in a recommendation by HS2 chairman Sir David Higgins that the station should be built at Crewe by 2026, much earlier than originally envisaged.

Friday, 10 April 2015

The Four Eagles Grand Opening Monday 13th


The new Hungry Horse pub the 4 Eagles is now getting ready to open on the 13th with a menu for all the family. Its in  Dunwoody way Crewe 07762 791723 They have their own Face Book Page so you can get more details from there. The pub was opened today by Mischa Leake the local here whose parents are trying to raise money for her operation. As she is at school on Monday when the pub opens for business she opened it today, but dont worry there will be a grand opening on Monday at 11 o'clock so make a note diary

Mischa Leake opens the Four Eagles Crewe


Its a major event for the West End as its the first new pub in about 20 years all we have seen is pubs close in the area so there is a lot of excitement at the opening with reasonable priced meals and children friendly. Above the children's area has a massive tv for them to watch children's programs.   


It also has a new round bar a first for the group and a big TV carrying all the sports channels including BT Sport


Another first he groups is the electronic sign which is the first in the country for this group


All the staff have been in training for weeks to make sure you have an enjoyable stay


The plaque in the pub for the opening


Would you believe these foods are all low fat?


I have put a lot more photos on The Four Eagles Facebook page

Cheshire East offers grants to create more Neighbourhood Plans


Cheshire East Council is offering grants to communities which want to create Neighbourhood Plans to give them greater local control over the scale and location of proposed developments.

The Council is inviting towns and parishes to apply for up to £7,000 to fund work needed to draw up their plans.

To be eligible, local councils’ plans must complement Cheshire East’s Corporate and Local Plans.

The Council believes that Neighbourhood Plans, set up under the Localism Act 2011, allow people to protect the characteristics they value in their own town or village.

Sandbach and Bunbury were the first parishes to publish their emerging Neighbourhood Plans.

Nineteen more parishes across the Borough have formally started the process and 50 parishes and town councils have expressed an interest in getting their own emerging plans in place.

Once community groups and local organisations have published a Neighbourhood Plan, there is a six-week public consultation exercise before it is adopted.

In some cases, the High Court has recognised the importance of Neighbourhood Plans and overturned planning appeals in favour of residents.

Residents and local councils can obtain more information about Neighbourhood Plans by visiting the Cheshire East web site at