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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Car Thefts

Please be aware that there has been a recent increase in theft from vehicle via smashing windows for access in some areas of Crewe so I believe it is beneficial to remind all members of the importance of removing valuables from vehicles.  As well as the threat of having your vehicle window smashed at this time of year people can accidentally leave windows/sunroofs open when they vacate their cars or nip into a garage or a shop.  As well as removing items from show make sure that you shut windows and sunroofs every time you leave you vehicle no matter how long you intend to be.
Did you know that in the UK a vehicle is broken into every 23 seconds?  Try to follow this simple crime prevention advice to minimise your risk of becoming a victim.
A large proportion of vehicle crime is committed by opportunist thieves.  Don't make it easy for them, remember that your vehicle can be like a shop window for thieves so don't advertise your goods to them.  Would be thieves are not only interested in seemingly valuable items they will steal almost anything from a vehicle so make sure you consider removing some of the more obscure items that might be in your car.
If you leave any of the items in the following list on show in your car you are making your vehicle vulnerable:
Bank Cards
Cheque Books
Coats or Clothing (Old or New)
Credit Cards
Loose Change
Mobile Phones
Satellite Navigation Systems
Shopping Bags (Even if used to store an item of no value - remember it might be worth a passing thieves while to break in to see what is in the bag)
Sports Bags and Equipment
Stereo (Detachable Front Panels)
Sunglasses (Designer and non-branded)
If you can see any items left in your vehicle so can a thief!

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