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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Parents Should Help Prevent Drink-Driving


Cheshire police officers want parents to help stop young people drinking and driving.

They say too many young drivers are getting behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs and parents should play their part in halting the trend.

"Last year we made more than 1800 arrests for drinking and driving. Forty per cent of the people involved were aged under 30," said Assistant Chief Constable Ruth Purdie.

"That means a substantial number of young drivers have the wrong approach to an issue which is vital to keeping our roads safe. It is a matter of real concern, especially when you consider they may be on the roads for another fifty years and they already have the wrong attitude to safety. We would really like to see this trend reversed.

"Parents should play their part. They can explain to youngsters who have just begun driving, or who are coming up to the age when they will be able to drive, that drinking and driving don′t mix.

"They can spell out the simple fact that if you drink and drive you are massively increasing your chances of having a collision. You, or someone else, may end up dead or with injuries which will impair the rest of your life.

"They can explain that even if you avoid physical injury you are likely to face other consequences. A drink driving conviction can result in a prison sentence. You will certainly be banned from the road for some time. That will affect your life style and, in some cases, may mean losing your job. You will have to pay a fine and costs and you will have problems getting insurance cover when you come to drive again.

"Another element of the parents′ role is setting an example. If young people see their parents have a casual attitude to drinking and driving, they are likely to adopt a similar approach. If the parents treat the issue seriously, their offspring are likely to do the same.

"Safe driving is all about attitudes. Some of these can be shaped within the family."

Cheshire Police is currently running a ‘Good, Bad and Ugly′ campaign on the effects of drinking too much.

The Good is the ArcAngel approach by Cheshire Police and our partners which involves enforcement and education and is reducing drink-related incidents across the Cheshire Police area.

The Bad is the message that drinking too much impairs your judgement, makes you inclined to take risks, and leaves you vulnerable to crime and anti social behaviour.

The Ugly is the fact that drunken behaviour could result in a criminal record which may affect your job, your home and your entire life.

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