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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Medical Services in Crewe

Last week we attended Leighton Hospital A&E for treatment to a badly cut arm. We arrived at 5:45 and we were seen by a triage nurse who put a temp bandage on. The A&E was not buzzy but there was a man shouting all the time Kill the Polish and the few people that were there found it frightening  but no one tried to stop this racist remarks even though security was sitting there.

We sate there for over 2 hours with no one going in for treatment we could see. After two hours they put on stera strips and bandaged the hand 3 mins it took them. So why a two hour wait when we say the nurse sitting down doing nothing for most of that time. We were told to report to the nurse at the local doctors within 3 days for her to check for infections and re dress the wound.

We then went to our doctors at Grosvenor Medical Centre to have the wound checked and we were told we could only get an appointment to see the nurse in 8 days so if the wound was infected the patients arm could suffer as a result. Apparently the Grosvenor Medical Centre have staff off and the other nurses are doing flu jabs and leaving normal patients to suffer and possibly die as a result of the lack of medical care. As to check this patient is only 3 mins I find it hard to believe that someone could check this no matter how buzzy they are and this services is unsatisfactory. If you have bad experience please let us know. 

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